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140 settlements of Bucha district in Kyiv region will receive assistance

"Place of Hope of Ukraine" is going to Kyiv region - to Bucha district, which is one of the most affected by this terrible war.

We are starting to work with communities and there are a huge number of them - 12 communities and about 140 settlements. Therefore, we have a very big and responsible job ahead of us.
Our goals and aspirations are to meet the urgent needs of communities and to support local small and medium enterprises by purchasing the necessary things and services to meet the needs of these communities.

That is why the "Ukrainian Hope Place" constantly works with its wards and helps to solve their pressing issues that arise and will arise on our common path to victory!

Our help has already been received by the communities of Kolka village from Volyn region and  Koblevo Territorial Community of Mykolaiv Region.

We believe that we will be able to attract even more support and achieve all our goals.
We invite everyone to join the "Ukrainian Hope Place", make your donations and together rebuild the peaceful future of Ukraine and the world!

We publicly report on receiving of the donations and providing support for our wards on our official resources on social networks and websites. Join the initiative!

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