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The first wards from Volyn region of Ukraine have already received help

The first results of the "Ukrainian Hope Place" initiative.
Our first ward war the community in Kolka village, Volyn region.

This Hope Place was created with the help of the owners of the Greenzone sanatorium (Greenzone Hotel and Health Resort), who sheltered refugees, Vasyl Makhnovets, Ulyana Shkabura's mother, Ivan Shkabura's father, the Holy Cross Vozdvizhenskoi Community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church led by Father Alexander Bilinsky.

Thanks to the funds provided by the Ukrainian Berries Association and Global Women Fresh, we were able to provide this community with the necessary furniture.

As we informed earlier, the International Women's Network Platform Global Women Fresh (GWF) joined the Ukrainian Berry Association and donated $ 5,000 to the Ukrainian Hope Place initiative to finance its humanitarian efforts.

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