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We supported Mykolaiv Region of Ukraine

We are happy to inform that the Koblevo Territorial Community of Mykolaiv Region of Ukraine was supported of “Ukrainian Hope Place”

Ukrainian Berries Association and the Agency of the social development of the Koblevo Territorial Community signed a memorandum of cooperation and the first shipments from “Ukrainian Hope Place” have already been successfully delivered.

It has become possible for the support of donor contributions from the Ukrainian Berries Association and the international platform GWF (USA) who joined the initiative in March 2022.

Koblevo Territorial Community of Mykolaiv Region of Ukraine has more than 8,000 local residents but also receives and provides shelter to internally displaced persons, including children, women and the elderly who came from other regions of Ukraine during the war.

Today, there are 900 internally displaced persons in the community, including 307 children and 474 women from Odesa, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Donetsk and Kherson regions.

In total, the number of people who need our help in the community is over 4,000. From them, 449 people with disabilities, as well as orphans, children with disabilities, people with disabilities, the elderly, bedridden patients in need of constant inpatient care and other vulnerable groups.
We invite everyone who cares to join our initiative "Ukrainian Hope Place"!

Each of your donations is high important and will provide an opportunity to help even more people who are in great need and waiting for it, especially in our wartime.

Many thanks! Peace and goodness to all!
It is very easy to join the Ukrainian Hope Place and make your donations. More details here….

This is our second ward. The first was the community of the village Kolka, Volyn region of Ukraine, which also recently received the support from “Ukrainian Hope Place”

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