Initiative of the World of Women Charitable Foundation in partnership with the Ukrainian Berry Association to support Ukrainians in Ukraine affected by the military aggression of the Russian Federation
million people directly affected by the war!!!
The number of Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression is constantly growing.

The situation across the country continues to be extremely dangerous, and ongoing fighting and airstrikes are forcing people to flee their homes.
people immediately demand humanitarian aid
people are refugees
people are internally displaced persons
More than 11 million people have fled their homes, and almost 6 million out of the total number are internally displaced people who need to build their lives from scratch. Many of these people do not even have the necessities of life — places to live, food, basic hygiene stuff etc.
Even those who did not leave their homes and did not find themselves in the occupied territories, they found themselves in a difficult situation due to job losses, physical destruction or business shutdowns, and so on. Moreover, the humanitarian crisis is only intensifying with the deteriorating economic situation in the country.

To resolve this issue, local communities and other organizations have set up support centers for internally displaced persons, such as camps and other places with food and basic accommodation or humanitarian aid distribution centers. The number of such places is growing with new migration from the eastern regions and new waves of evacuations. Some of these shelters are supported by members of the Ukrainian Berries Association (UBA).
Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian businesses continue to suffer heavy losses.
Ukrainian business also suffered heavy losses - many supply chains were broken, financial and logistical problems came to business - lack of financial resources for operations, destroyed logistics and the loss of remote customers, direct losses and damage to assets from military actions etc. Local and regional small business, as most unprotected share of Ukrainian business environment, has been particularly affected.
Taking into consideration mentioned above UBA decided to launch the initiative “Ukrainian Hope Place” which will allow ensuring continuity of local and regional small business in Ukraine and will help to people who lost everything and will assist local communities in resolving their humanitarian issues.The initiative started in March 2022.
Currently, the focus of state support is on medium and large enterprises to ensure Ukrainian food security and economic stability. But supporting small businesses is jobs in the regions, providing local needs for goods and services, and supporting local budgets.
Support as many small businesses in the regions as possible by purchasing their goods and services.

The goal for 2022 is to support at least 100 small businesses.
Support local producers and business in territorial communities of different regions of Ukraine.

That is why we purchase goods only from Ukrainian producers and suppliers.
Provide humanitarian support to the most affected by military aggression.

The goal for 2022 is to support at least 2,000 people, mostly women and children
Targets of the initiative are:
We collect needs from communities and temporary places of internally displaced persons
We make clear purchases of necessary goods and services from local suppliers
We deliver the necessary goods to the destinations, ensuring full control of delivery and transfer to the final recipients of the project
We publicly and / or individually report on the work done
How it works:
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We invite you to join our initiative as a donor and support the people of Ukraine in
difficult times.

Ukrainian Berries Association and “Ukrainian Hope Place” team

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