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Cargoes of "Ukrainian Hope Place" have already arrived in the city of Voznesensk, Mykolaiv Region of Ukraine

We are very glad that the people of the city of Voznesensk have already started to receive help from the "Ukrainian Hope Place"!
️We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the Ascension Humanitarian Hub worked - formed kits and started issuing them to internally displaced persons who are in the community and those who have not received help with hygiene products before.

The territorial community of the city of Voznesensk has 35,800 local residents and 2,083 internally displaced persons, including 1,115 women and 432 children, as well as the elderly and other vulnerable sections of the population. They came from Mykolaiv, Kherson, Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions of Ukraine.

The total number of people in need of emergency assistance - 3,460 people, including children, women, single elderly people and other vulnerable sections of the population, who are in a very difficult situation.

We sincerely thank the City Government of Voznesensk, the executive committee and everyone involved for their high professionalism! Well done!

It is very important that the Ukrainian Berries Association, as part of its "Ukrainian Hope Place" initiative, purchases necessary things to support Ukrainians thanks to charitable contributions. Therefore, each of your contributions is very valuable and provides an opportunity to help as many Ukrainians as possible, who have found themselves in a difficult situation and suffered from Russian aggression and who are in great need of it.

We invite you to join us and make your donations, which you can do personally or from the company and in various ways that are convenient for you - online from the website "Ukrainian Hope Place", online using the bank details of our association (UBA) or by ordering an account from us.

More information at the link - projects.uaberries.com/donate

We are sincerely grateful to everyone!
Join the "Ukrainian Hope Place", share information about the initiative and invite your friends to join us!
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